Hot for Hyacinth

We are going through a prolooooonged heat wave here in New York, inspiring most of us to find cool places to relax and enjoy the summer. To stay out of the heat, it seems like everyone is glued to TVs watching the latest World Cup matches or what team Lebron James was going to choose. For me, I chose to do some research and work on some new pieces for my 2010 Collection while enjoying cool fruits and frosty drinks.

Last week, those that were supporting Brazil during their run for the World Cup were deflated to see their team eliminated from the tournament. It got me thinking of the slow elimination of one of South America’s most beautiful animals – the Hyacinth Macaw. I paired a couple of Hyacinth Macaw’s in my newest painting – “We are Hyacinth, Too“. It is also my biggest painting to date, measuring at 20″ x 10″ and I am super-proud of it. Definitely look for it in the coming days in my Etsy Store as well as the revamped EcoPatterns store which is slowly getting there (glaring at my husband – husband is wilting, while working hard to get the store up). In the meantime, gotta get back to my iced coffee and new sketches.

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