Showing, a Little

One of our goals for 2010 was to be more consistent with this newsblog – posting updates weekly. We stood ground for most of the year and didn’t really ever fall off course. However, I noticed that if I didn’t post a blog today, we’d have gone 3 weeks without one. Yikes. Couldn’t allow that to happen. I think we got some explainin’ to do. Alright here goes. Remember all those doc visits and bed-rest we noted in previous posts last month? Well, here’s the story: Malathip and I are expecting a child! For some, this may have been obvious, but rather than keep the rest of our wonderful fans and supporters in the dark, I’d like to alleviate all concerns and worries and give you all a bit of good news. With that said, we are super thrilled and bracing ourselves for the challenges of running a business and raising an awesome kid.

Still, there is a bunch going on. We will be making a cameo at the Crafts in Chelsea next weekend and we submitted a bid for BUST’s 2010 Holiday Craftacular. We may be expecting, but we are not dormant. Malathip has been toiling away, sketching out new pieces and she even started painting a new one (albeit much more methodically since her back hasn’t necessarily cooperated). She has also been mentioned in a nice little write-up in Victoria Klein’s Blog (thanks Victoria!). And last but certainly not least, her Owl Painting “Do You Think Spring Is Here?” is now featured on a Free Owl-Lover downloadable calendar courtesy of My Owl Barn! Get yours today. :)

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