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What’s In Store

Friday, September 10th, 2010

While our esteemed founder has been reluctantly resting (per doctor’s orders) and besides working my usual husbandly care and duties, I’ve also been tweaking the website as it is evolving over time. So I want to take this moment to illustrate what I’ve been doing under the hood and what our awesome supporters and friends can expect in the coming months as we sneak into Fall and Winter and the close of a nice 2010 season.

First off, I’ve been reorganizing our online store. If you haven’t noticed, there is now a product filter at the top of all shop pages to help you better navigate our extensive catalogue. I will be moving the checkout and policies text to the store as well and out of our primary navigation in the next week. Also, a big change that is coming this holiday season: we will be offering bundled sets of notecards that you can create yourself in place of the individual card sales. An exciting and neat feature we’re hoping to roll out after a little bit of testing and QA ;) making sure I don’t mess up the coding of the cart. These tweaks will certainly keep me busy this fall as we get closer and closer to holiday season. I’m also happy to annouce that we’ve placed some strategic advertising on crafty sites to keep spreading the word and raising awareness about endangered animals. In all – busy busy.

I’d also like to open up the floor to take any suggestions or requests that you’d like to see on our website to help us improve the entire experience. What would you like to see added? Changed? Send us a note as we’d love to hear your ideas!