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Logging Warnings

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Yesterday, CNN ran a feature article on the battle to preserve Nigeria’s rainforest. The startling figure they posted was that less than 10% of the forests are still standing there.Deforestation due to logging has been a focal concern in the plight of many endangered animals that we’ve covered over the years in EcoPatterns, and there is no doubt in our minds that the current situation in Nigeria is negatively affecting countless populations of animals at risk. Of course, the primary issue is overpopulation and the growing need for land in areas. Since we cannot possibly stunt the growth of our species in any ethical manner, we must think of ways to solve this problem so we don’t dramatically wipe out the very resources and life this planet thrives on.

Famous comedian George Carlin once said there exists an abundance of land that is currently wasted on nonsense – cemeteries and golf courses. Rather than dig up a bunch of rainforests that are the heart and lifeblood of this planet – we should focus our attention and resources and get creative on how to solve overpopulation issues. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to the slow, painful extinction of another species much more familiar – ourselves.

A Little Different

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

My husband and I have always been drawn to all things awkward. Whether it be people or art, it always seems to stumble into our life stories. Perhaps its because I am somewhat awkward, myself. I take pride in being slightly different in hopes that it translates over to the art I make. As I sifted through the internet, devouring information about endangered animals, I thought about finding an animal that embodies this very character.

Enter: my newest painting – “Love Being Different” – in honor of the Tree Kangaroo. These little guys who hop from tree to tree are the very definition of awkward, in a cute way of course, with their slightly clumsy gestures and motion. They are also very much in critical danger as deforestation is destroying their habitats in New Guinea. I just finished these cuties up, so look for the note cards and prints to be available here and on my etsy store in the coming days.