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Nothing but Bull

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Although it is a deeply ingrained part of some national cultures worldwide, Bullfighting is also a very sad sport that generally concludes with the killing of the bull, and sometimes of the matador. Last week, I saw a news clip of a bull jumping into the stands in Spain and attacking fans further demonstrating the very dangerous, brutal aspect of the spectacle. Now, I am not launching into an animal rights monologue or extended preaching, but honestly – get it together, people! We are living in the 21st century, yet folks are still mired in ritualistic recreations. If it were critical to the advancement or survival, health of our species, I wouldn’t be writing this. But, it’s not.

Despite our objective being focused on endangered animals, we do like to spotlight the ill-intent of human behaviour. Because we are invariably responsible for not only the continuity of our species, but the conservation of the natural world. Yes, it’s a big responsibility to shoulder. But we are an intelligent species, with high capabilities, with rapidly advancing technology and science. We can split atoms and send messages outside of our solar system – yet we still have a man in colorful regalia and dress cape, taunting, stressing and ultimately killing a defenseless animal that has no choice but to be thrust into the action. We must stop this primitive, ritualistic nonsense.