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Duck, Duck, GAS!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Although our mission at Ecopatterns is to raise awareness about endangered animals through art, we are often hearing news about the plight of animals that are fortunate to still maintain significant numbers. Recently, we came across an update that shocked and saddened us – happening in our own back yard. Earlier this month, 400 Canadian Geese were euthanized by United States Department of Agriculture for just hanging out in Prospect Park. Seriously, did you HAVE to kill them? Couldn’t they be shipped to another region if they were really obstructing air travel. Apparently Geese are not welcome in Brooklyn. We urge all of our followers, supporters and friends to contact the USDA and give them an earful and express your disappointment. Such a shame.

In more positive news, we are happy to announce a tiny new development. Ecopatterns will now be accepting credit cards in our outdoor markets! We’ve been accepting credit cards ever since we launched our site, but we’ve abstained from swipe-arama outdoors. But our customers have long been requesting plastic commerce, and we listened. So we’ve enlisted Total Merchant Services to help with our commerce needs so that we can make transactions as convenient as we can for our awesome fans. We hope to receive our terminal to get rolling for this weekend. We’ll keep you guys posted. Oh and, we would have went with Square’s nifty little reader, but we’ve been gassed (pun intended) while waiting for months now for our shipment. Sorry, guys ;-) .