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Foxed In

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Red Panda otherwise known in some places as the original Fire Fox. Of course, I did not want to neglect actual foxes knowing that some of them are endangered as well. The Island Fox is one of them. On one island for example (Santa Rosa) there are under 14 Island Foxes left. 14?? There are more people in my 4-story brownstone where I live. This makes me sad and inspired my newest foxy painting, “Our Morning Ritual” – dedicated to all endangered foxes across the globe – including the most critically endangered Island Fox.

Another thing I wanted to say to everyone: I’m sure some of you have noticed that we’ve been available for outdoor markets less and less over the course of 2010. I just want to give my wonderful friends and supporters a quick note as to what’s going on. Lately, I’ve had to endure quite a bit medically – and have had repeated visits, tests and required rest prescribed by those monitoring me. Please rest assured that there is nothing uber-serious going on, and that everything will be ok. I am still working on new pieces and the business as we know it, is still moving forward. However, it is certainly affecting how often I can make appearances in outdoor markets and other venues. As always, please keep an eye on our twitter and facebook accounts for updates on when/where exactly we’re going to be setting up as we do have some venues lined up at the end of this summer and fall. In the meantime, my husband will be taking over most of the blog duties (on top of his web duties) as well as shipping mail orders from our online store for the next several months and he will keep you guys posted. I’m sure he’ll do a great job – so give him a chance to win you over. Thank you for your continued love, support and appreciation.